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Headset new trends-wantek h88 series

Ablitt Brown |

What makes the new 78 and 88 series office headsets from the Wantek store different and better than their previous series? This article will state its main features and pros and cons.

Why is Wantek?

Wantek is one of the providers that specializes in audio and communication options. Since its creation in 2008, Wantek has grown to become one of the most trusted brands in communications technology.

We offer a wide range of products with high-quality and reliable communication options. Wantek's solutions are designed to meet the needs of almost any professional. Wantek offers a variety of communication options for your office needs, including wired and Bluetooth headsets


Overview of the Wantek h88 series

Wantek's latest product, the Wantek h88 series, guarantees improved call quality, user-friendly control, and compatibility with more devices. The Wantek h88 series is perfect for gaming, work, or conferences. It's a powerful and versatile headset. The Wantek h88 series is the perfect choice for anyone looking for an affordable and easy-to-use audio solution. 

corded headset for office, 911 dispatch Center, hospital 

How office headsets can improve the quality of your communications

Since the COVID-19, most of the communication has been changed to online. Therefore, it becomes crucial to ensure that your conversations are not interrupted in any way. In certain emergencies, you may have to connect to uncommon devices for communication and deal with background noise interference.

You know about these situations because some emergencies require your intervention, as they cannot be resolved by the employee alone. Additionally, if the audio quality of your communication is poor, it can lead to confusion for the person you are communicating with and increase your communication costs. 

With an all-in-one noise-canceling headset, you can move freely from device to device and express your ideas smoothly without having to worry about compatibility issues.


Why choose office headsets?

Office headsets are important in the modern office, allowing you to work hands-free and be more productive. Using office headsets in call centers and offices can save time on calls. It can also increase call volume and improve the company's reputation. Office headsets free up your hands and make communication easier.

Buying a cheap office headset is risky. It is like being in dangerous waters. However, buying a good office headset is safe and enjoyable. It is like having a nice meal on a yacht in calm Caribbean waters.

Keeping costs down is not a good idea when it comes to your business communications. Business can be difficult when the weather is nice, but with poor-quality headsets giving you and your clients a bad call experience, it's a recipe for disaster.


What are the benefits of the Wantek H88 Office Headset?

The Wantek h88 series has two different wearing styles of headsets to suit your individual needs.


Wantek h881 single ear corded headset

The Wantek h881 is the monaural version of the series and has the same features as the h882 that follows. The only difference is the wearing style. Mono headsets are great for when noise is low. Some people prefer to wear one ear without headset speakers because they like to hear the sounds around them.

However, when the environment gets noisy, binaural or dual-channel headsets are the way to go.

  • 31mm moving coil for high-definition sound
  • 3-in-1 plug, plug and play
  • Boom microphone
  • Microphone with passive noise cancellation
  • Three-year warranty

 single ear 3-in-1 usb headset of wantek

Wantek h882 dual ear corded headset

The binaural version of the series is the Wantek h882 with multiple connections (USB-A/USB-C/3.5mm). The multiple jacks allow you to connect most office equipment. With the passive noise-canceling microphone, your conversations will be more relaxed and natural.

  • 31mm moving coil for high-definition sound
  • 3-in-1 plug, plug and play
  • Boom microphone
  • Microphone with passive noise cancellation
  • Three-year warranty

 dual ear 3-in-1 usb headset of wantek


The Wantek h88 series three-in-one headset is a great tool for home office or call center work. However, there are some drawbacks to using this device. First of all, the Wantek h88 series is currently not compatible with some conferencing software, so this is fatal for people who want to use it for large-scale online conference calls.

In addition, the multifunctional buttons are average based on the price range of $30 to $40. While this is definitely the best-corded headset in this price range, it's still something to keep in mind before making a purchase.

At the end of the day, the Wantek h88 series headset is an excellent talking tool, but it does have some drawbacks.



The Wantek h88 series is a great and cheap tool for companies to communicate and interact with customers effectively. Because of its clear sound and reliable quality, it is perfect for use in scenarios such as call centers, emergency centers, hospitals, 911 dispatch centers, and more. In addition, because of its all-in-one interface type and easy setup, it's a great choice for any type of company.


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